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Five Writing Websites For College Students

There are many writing sites which can assist college students improve their writing. Some of them offer no cost services, while others charge for their services. Google Docs, for example is an online program that allows several students to work on the same document. The changes you make are stored automatically in order to make sure you do not be able to lose information. It is possible to share your finished assignment with your friends or your professors.


The writing process on EssayPro is fast and simple, and the team behind the website will assist you to finish your essay on time. You can communicate with your writer via email or directly. You can also get notifications about the progress of your essay. Once you’ve paid, you’ll have the option to and obtain your essay. It is possible to request revisions or get a complete refund should you not be satisfied with your essay.

Prices are reasonable and flexible with EssayPro. Contrary to typical websites for essay writing Prices are discussed directly between you and your writer. You can therefore find an expert that is experienced on the subject, has a great writing style and can work within the budget you have set. EssayPro provides a great solution for students in college looking for essays that is affordable.

EssayPro boasts a great quality of customer service. The writers on the site are highly skilled and can make sure your project adheres to the top academic requirements. It has an 4.9-star rating , and has a high percentage of customer satisfaction. The writers work quickly and are considerate of deadlines.


An essay is a typical academic endeavor A writing site can help students get the job done without the worry of completing an unoriginal or badly written piece. With so many professors and instructors requiring essay papers, it’s no surprise that students are spending hours writing identical pieces. WriteMyEssay differs from other sites for writing, which require an upfront payment. Instead, they prefer to establish relationships with their clients on the basis of confidence. The homepage of the site makes navigation easy , and it also has a price calculator.

WriteMyEssay also offers editing and proofreading services. Prices are reasonable beginning at just $9 for a page. This can escalate as deadlines approach. In addition, it provides unlimited revisions which is a great benefit in the event of deadlines being tight.

One of the most unique features in WriteMyEssay is the option to choose your writer. Professional writers are willing to collaborate with you on any type of paper. They will be able to write your essay about any subject, and they will be able to charge you reasonable fees.


SpeedyPaper is able to assist you in the event that your thesis or essay doesn’t seem to be coming off as perfect. The SpeedyPaper team of writers have a wealth of analytical expertise and experience and experience, which means they are able to tackle almost any topic. They also know specific styles and writing requirements for colleges and universities. SpeedyPaper is also secure and secure. They provide 100% confidentiality and guarantee that no one else has access to your personal information.

SpeedyPaper also provides professional editing and proofreading services. They’ll spot errors and help you improve your sentence flow language, tone, and vocabulary. The editors also address problems with citations and references. SpeedyPaper also offers problem-solving services. Their experts can help you create an outline and determine possible solutions. They then look into the relationship between different variables.

SpeedyPaper is known for fast service and excellent quality work. SpeedyPaper hires qualified academic professionals to compose original writing. SpeedyPaper is also a top provider of customer satisfaction scores, as well as writer reviews that are positive from the past clients.


Coggle A website designed intended for college students, that lets the creation of brainstorming concepts and mind maps. The name is “Coggle”. It’s user-friendly and offers a user-friendly interface. Students can also collaborate with peers to exchange ideas. Additionally, users can create links, pictures, and even text.

Users can also interact with peers making use of the site to design mind maps. Mind maps are saved to the cloud and they can be accessed from all platforms. You can also edit them with no problem of running out of space. This is a fantastic option to spark concepts. Coggle’s free version allows you to design 3 mind maps. But, you are able to purchase for unlimited access. Additionally, you can add more designs and formats in the paid version.

Coggle’s concept mapping feature is another cool feature. It lets you co-create with your team members on mindmaps. Additionally, it lets users edit multiple branches at once. Every change is saved instantly. Add images, icons, and links. The user can link documents together with other objects within the mindmap.


NaNoWriMo is a writing contest where the goal is to write one novel in a single month. It’s become an increasingly popular writing event and is often referred to as “the biggest writing challenge in the world.” Writing 50,000 words per month is an extremely difficult undertaking for students. They are busy and may find it difficult to integrate writing into their day-to-day routine. There are many sites which can assist college students succeed.

NaNoWriMo is a great idea in many ways. Register online is the first. After you’ve signed up online, you’re now able write your first draft. A brief synopsis or an excerpt can be uploaded to the website. Also, you can find the other NaNoWriMo participants, share your writing progress, and connect with fellow writers. The deadline is November 30, to finish your project.

You can also join NaNoWriMo through connecting with other writers from around the world. Some websites host events to assist writers in their writing process. NaNoWriMo additionally organizes “Come Write in” events across the country. The aim of these events is to motivate writers to join forces and create together.


StoryJumper encourages students and teachers to write stories and then narrate them in an artistic environment. This website was developed to foster collaboration among students and also to aid them in developing their writing skills. Teachers can also use this site to assess student activities and to encourage co-operation. Even though it’s a lengthy learning curve, StoryJumper is very engaging and motivating.

Teachers are able to create classes using StoryJumper, and assign their students to them. Teachers will find templates to use for their classes and ask other teachers for help. This website lets teachers designate “lead” teacher. Teachers also have the option of taking advantage of StoryJumper’s “write-a-thon” school fundraising campaign. Friends and family members can contribute to the story of a child and get an official copy of the finished product.

Alongside creating stories, Storyjumper allows users to incorporate text, images, and props. The users can upload images from their computer or find images online. Another unique feature of Storyjumper is that it permits users to add the voice of their book. It is possible to access this feature by clicking on the “Add Voice” tab.


Making use of Trello to keep track of your projects can prove to be an invaluable tool to college students. In addition to making it easier to organize every board, but Trello can also be free to download and use. There are many functions you’ll not see elsewhere.

Trello is also a fantastic tool to collaborate with fellow students. It helps you keep track of due dates and assign tasks, as well as manage your work. It makes it easy to create lists, include media, and designate due dates. It’s also possible to monitor your progress from a distance. It is a great tool for both students and teachers who want to be organized and stop delay.

Trello allows you to collaborate with other students by sharing notes and other files. Also, you can discuss thoughts, join your team, and add attachments and checklists. Trello will sync to your calendar making it easier to monitor deadlines. Also, it can be used with the Android and iOS apps.

Using Trello to manage projects can be a fantastic option to manage your work. The tool for managing projects allows you to set up Kanban boards which show who is working on which assignments. This software is totally free and is able to be utilized to organize your work. This versatile tool can also be used for lesson planning and management of classrooms.